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Catching the new wave in portable music
There's a symphony of sound on the Internet, and much of it is stored in MP3 file format. MP3 files -- MP3 stands for MPEG 1 layer 3 -- are compressed, allowing for reasonably quick downloading compared to other types of audio files, while preserving quality sound.

Tomorrow's MP3 digital music
Changes in the market will likely split into all three markets the way as stated in the title above. Most of it really depends on the Americans and Europeans and which continent will be more aggressive in marketing. Basically Europeans tend to like their gadgets in one source.

Whe Else Wants To Know What All the Excitement is About Ipods and MP3s
During the course of the past couple of years, there's been a real demand, a real buyer's craze for Ipods and MP3s. Music lovers from different parts of the world have been scrambling to find the latest when it comes to these types of portable music players.

MP3s on the Road: 3 Ways to Play your MP3s in your Car
Let's face it, by now who doesn't own some sort of MP3 player? Whether it is an IPOD or a less popular MP3 player made by manufacturers such as Sony or Creative Labs, everyone that I know has an MP3 player (except for my grandmother, who still doesn't know what an MP3 is anyway).

iPod vs. Velcro -- Battle of the Super Products 
I'm a sucker for a good battle. Not an all-out war, mind you -- just a good tow-to-tow, one-on-one slugfest. Think Holyfield vs. Tyson, Alien vs. Predator, or Ashley Simpson vs. anyone with ears.

Protect your ears: limit iPod use
The ever-popular earbuds used with many iPods and other MP3 players may be more stylish than the bigger and bulkier earmuff-type headphones, but they may also be more damaging to one's hearing, according to a Northwestern professor.

Free Legal Mp3 Downloads - Is It Possible ?
Downloading free mp3 music from the internet are a great thing to do. Mp3 downloads can give you thousands of free mp3 songs and hundreds of hours of listening just by using your fingertips. However, the common way to do download mp3 music is illegal... but there is an other method.
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