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Walkmans and CD players are a thing of the past, thanks to MP3 players. Now music and sound files can travel anywhere on a tiny hand held device. With the advent of MP3 players, the demand for traditional AA batteries has gone down too. Now there is a new contender on the market to keep MP3 players singing.

In order to keep MP3 players running they need a very powerful battery. For most brands, the Lithium-Ion battery is used. It lasts much longer than traditional batteries, and is perfectly designed for playing music or running programs for long periods of time. Lithium batteries are also very lightweight in comparison to their traditional counterparts. These lithium batteries can run up to 18 hours without recharging.

MP3 manufacturers have created several devices to keep any player up and running for users on the move. Many MP3 players have adaptors that allow the user to charge the device with the vehicles AC adapter. Some devices come with an additional battery pack that can be used when the battery life runs out. Other brands come with a wall charger so they can simply be plugged in, while other brands like Compaq offer a portable battery charger that can go anywhere.

There are so many types of MP3 players on the market since their popularity has increased. Battery types vary greatly depending on brand and model of the MP3 player. When shopping for a new replacement MP3 battery, it is important to know all the correct information so you don't order the wrong battery. Using the wrong battery can completely damage an MP3 player. So whether you have a Dell, Sony, Audiovox, or the most popular iPod, know your product when searching for batteries.

Battery manufacturers are always trying to come up with new ways to make batteries more powerful and last longer. This is important for those who used MP3 players on a daily basis that often get stuck with dead batteries. It is encouraging too, that batteries that are already quite functional are only going to improve.

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