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Sony Mp3 Players have earned the status of being one of the best players on the market. The Sony Mp3 Players are quite versatile for style, looks, and of course accessories. With the Sony mp3 players you can choose from either the Hard drive player, Flash Memory player, MP3 CD player, or the Mini Disc player. Sony mp3 players come in a good affordable price range from $100 to $300.

Lots of the Mp3 players with hard drive storage can hold up to 13,000 songs. This is perfect for those who need large storage capacity. Some players even provide rechargeable batteries, USB cords, LCD screens, and AC power adapter for charging when needed.

The Flash memory, Sony mp3 players have large storage capacity too. But flash players are smaller than hard drive players. Flash memory players range in size from around 512 MB to over 1GB. This means about 300 to 700 songs. Rechargeable batteries come with this player for up to 50 hours of music. Rechargeable batteries are so very handy and do not take long to recharge back up.

The CD Walkman is a great choice when you are considering buying a Sony mp3 player. The CD Walkman is reasonably priced for your budget, and it probably can hold all your audio music needs from you homemade CDs. And always check to make sure the CD player or mp3 players meets you needs. The CD Walkman comes with rechargeable batteries, skip protection, and some even com with accessories, software, and some with even water resistant cases. Perfect for around the pool or at the beach.

With Sony Mp3 Players you should include the Mini disc player. Lots of the Mini Disc players have functions that allow you to view and store photos as well as MP3s. This can be done with todays technogoly. Simply with combining a digital camera and an Mp3 Player. This is such a cool feature in the mp3 technology world today.

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