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A Brief Look at the iPod History and iPods iTunes Software

Massively popular today, around 20 million iPod's having been sold between the years of 2001-2005, the look, feel and functionality of this pocket-sized portable hard-drive based audio player continues to improve all the time. The first release of the iPod by the Apple Corporation was back on the 23rd of October 2001. The initial idea that spawned this revolution in audio players came from someone by the name of Tony Fadell. Before proposing his concept to Apple, Phillips and RealNetworks had been informed yet declined the offer.

Apple decided to hire Tony on an independent contractor basis, the iPod suddenly became a reality. The first model initially cost a whopping $400 in the US, far too much for most consumers. Additionally the computer support on offer was poor. Someone called Steve Jobs quickly noticed the lack of support and promised it would be improved on and available soon after the release date. The European market saw the iPod released one month later.

US and European sales led to a large 125,000 iPods being sold in 2001. First generation iPods have had their various bugs found and then combated with all manner of updates from then on. Setbacks were also experienced. Apple Corps who held the Beetles copyrights sued Apple on the grounds of previous iTunes Music Store agreements being infringed upon. It appeared that Apple Computers was only legally able to use the Apple name on items that were musically unrelated.

This case was resolved by being settled out of court. One million iPods had been moved around the world and sold by June 2003. Today it is the largest selling portable hard disk player. The marketing method of this product has played a massive part in the iPod's success. Alongside the physical product its self there has been the development of iTunes Software enabling the user to upload photos and music from the Apple site on the internet. iTunes has been called a jukebox since it stores, organizes and plays any of the iPod's digital video or music files.

Another feature is that connection through to the iTunes Music Store is possible, you can therefore look through all the current music, buy and then almost immediately after play whatever takes your fancy. iTunes is able to work on not only the Mac OS X operating system, but also with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Version 3 onwards of the iTunes software has become non-workable on Mac OS 9 and Windows 98 or ME. Downloadable for free on the internet, iTunes is installed onto the user's computer initially, using a CD provided with the machine upon purchase (or links on websites).

Once in place all that remains for you to do is connect up your iPod to that computer to enter the world of fast, easy and quality music listening.

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