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Producing boxshots as well as ebook covers is now a no brainer

Marketing specialists saw a while ago that packages matter. When you sell a book or a piece of software, you should have a nice package for it. Luckily, you do not have to pay for actual cartons or paper. You may have heard about 3 standard ways to create a virtual cover: - Asking someone to do it for you - Picturing it yourself in Photoshop - Using some cool dedicated software If you have a a company that can do it for you, the job will be a piece of cake. However, excellent designers charge good money.

Each new box shot or ebook cover will round up to $150. The second option could work if you are handy with Photoshop. Sure, the task will require getting some action scripts that could cost you another hundred.

Do not forget the price of Photoshop: it will cost you over $600. A more straightforward third choice is to get yourself cute boxshot software. It is good to know that the supply of such products is competitive with the price range of $15-100. You will find a lot of programs to choose from.

If we look at these offerings, we will have three types: - Pre-made templates, no free rotation - Simple 3D rendering programs - Sophisticated 3D ray tracing soft Selecting the first option, you ensure that boxshots and e-book covers will look nicely, but the choice of tools will be very small. Making big changes will not come easy to the software box or ebook cover. Choosing the simple 3D offered in the second option will result in unrealistic effects. It is not a problem to observe that the image is somewhat unrealistic.

Choosing 3D ray tracing will get you out of such troubles. FXs are calculated for each ray. In the end, you receive a truly realistic image. If you want to have freedom and quality, you should use the third type of boxshot software. Box Shot 3D is a cool example of a program of the kind. At 40 euros the solution is very affordable.

It allows the creation of box shots, ebook covers, virtual CD/DVD boxes, member cards and other cool things. See for your self some examples of ebook covers and software boxes. It would take you quite a bit of work to achieve the same level of quality in Photoshop unless you possess some additional scripts. You will not come across many programs that can produce such a result. You will take advantage of quite a few adjustable properties, for instance changing the power of light and reflections, and fine tuning many other visual elements.

If you are in the mood of making a software box or an e-book cover, try Box Shot 3D. Your products will have the packaging they deserve. Sell to the customer with style. I am certain that Box Shot 3D is the right choice for you.

Tim Robinson is a contributing writer on the subjects of product box for various computer journals. For more data see our site. In the given review the author discusses the area of e-book cover.

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