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Are The TMobile Pocket PC Exchange And Repair Programs Worth The Effort

TMobile Pocket PC exchange and repair programs are just one of the things that consumers like about this top notch carrier. Through this program, a customer may ask for repair services or an exchange of his handheld via TMobile Pocket PC Repair Centers or through the assistance of a T-Mobile Customer Service representative. And according to customer reviews, the T-Mobile Pocket PC repair and exchange service is something that consumers can indeed rely on. TMobile's After Purchase Service As a T-Mobile customer, you can avail of the exchange or repair program if your Pocket PC is still within the warranty period (usually one year) and that the defect or damage is through no fault of your own.

If such is the case, T-Mobile will send a replacement Pocket PC. Upon receipt of the Pocket PC replacement, you will then have to fill out a replacement form and send it with the defective Pocket PC within seven days. Otherwise, T-Mobile will charge you the amount of the handheld replacement. If, however, your Pocket PC is more than a year old (i.

e., out of the T-Mobile warranty period), a replacement can still be dispatched to you while repairs are being done on your Pocket PC for a $70 fee. Don't want to pay the $70 fee? Call a T-Mobile Customer Service representative to know more about other options you may have regarding your defective or malfunctioning Pocket PC. Don't be shy; many Pocket PC consumers are unaware of the options they have when it comes to repairs, rebates and exchanges concerning their gadgets. A note about T-Mobile exchanges - if you have an old model handheld such as a Toshiba Pocket PC, T-Mobile may not be able to provide replacements or repairs for these handhelds because their manufacturers do not make them anymore.

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