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For Marci Gerdes it was a regular routine. Every Sunday, filling her SUV with $48 of gas to drive to her call center job 35 miles from home. Sitting on Interstate 95 one day she figured there had to be a better way.

"I was stuck in traffic, breathing in carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the guy in front of me and I thought 'I have heard of the outsourcing revolution and Virtual Call Centers, maybe this could be an answer for me'" Searching the Internet she found her outsourcing position at the virtual call center Freedom TeleWork. After applying online and taking a battery of tests, Marci became a certified TeleWorker and soon after took a position handling inbound customer service for an auto marketing and promotion company. 'I remember my first Sunday skipping the $48 fill up and thinking how between gas, wear and tear on the car, dry cleaning, lunches out, and all the aggravation I could handle, that this was going to be a very sweet proposition for me" said Marci. Yes, sweet for Marci, but even sweeter for employers and the environment.

Employers with a social consciousness and a good eye for their bottom line have been flocking to outsourcing their workforce through virtual call centers. Lloyd Gomberg, Senior Vice President of Freedom Telework said recently 'We have reached the tipping point where it is obvious to all that we must do our part in changing the track we are on, or we will all sink together. With technology solutions such as whisper mode, spy mode, barge in mode, and the recording of all conversations as MP3 files, there is no need to have employees all congregate in a central brick and mortar facility every day. It is too expensive for the corporation, it wears down employees, and it is the major factor in contributing to greenhouse gasses that are ruining our planet." Gomberg continued, "Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth" said we must change the way the world does business. And Freedom TeleWork does that by making your firm socially responsible by eliminating carbon emissions using at home workers.

What was once a source of pollution is now a source of convenience and pride for your company and your stay at home workforce. Every TeleWorker you hire saves the world from guzzling gallons of gasoline and keeps carbon emissions minimized. And these workers are able to pass that savings off to you, in the form of reduced overheads from brick and mortar facilities and bulky hardware." Gore's movie almost sets the stage for the proposition that Freedom TeleWork and other virtual call center outsourcers order up. In a quote the former Vice President said "If we do the *right* thing, then we're gonna create a lot of wealth, and we're gonna create a lot of jobs, because doing the right thing moves us forward." According to Marci that is exactly what she is doing- moving forward with her life.

Now that she has accepted her outsourcing position with the virtual call center she now has time for her 6 year old son Nate, and feels better without the stress and grind of the daily commute. Corporate clients keen to take advantage of the big cost savings outsourcing and virtual call centers offer are flocking to companies like Freedom TeleWork . "They recognize that being socially and environmentally responsible is not an option anymore.

People remember what they will have to explain in the future when their kids ask "What were our parents thinking? Why didn't they wake up when they had a chance?" said Gomberg quoting Al Gore.

Jennifer Hannah Gross is Vice President for Marketing and works at Freedom Telework Inc., a virtual call center company that offers hosted call center solutions and services such as progressive dialing, inbound call center, chat, predictive dialing, and many more.

Jennifer Gross
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