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Horse Space Hoppers Horsey Hoppers Horse Racing Game

The Horse Space Hoppers can be used on their own or as a funny horse racing game where you can really horse about and have a laugh! Rise to the challenge of being the ultimate jockey as you don your coloured hat, grab the Horsey Hoppers handles and bounce your way to a cantering finish! Party venues don't usually allow horses but the Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game is sure to be allowed! Realistic manes, stirrups and saddles, you'll be giggling and galloping like craaazyyyy horrrrrses! Do you have a question about this product? Email us now About the Horse Space Hoppers (Horsey Hoppers) - Horse Racing Game The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game is a crazily fun lively blow-up horse-racing game for kids and even bigger kids ? adults! http://www.find-me-a-gift. The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game includes everything you need for a galloping good race! In the box are 2 x Horsey Hoppers, 2 x Horses, 2 x Jockey Caps, 1 x Foot Pump, 1 x Winners Flag and 1 x Whistle ? sorted! The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game features two inflatable horses which are blown up using the foot pump included.

Simply blow up the Horsey Hoppers (durable rubber coloured balls with grips) and slide the Horses covers over the top to bring them to life! The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game is meant for two people ? though you can gather your friends and line up to play against each other! Each Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game measures approximately 60 cm (26") in diameter when blown up fully The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game is suitable for ages 10-100! There's only one way to spruce up and save a tediously dull party ? and no, it's not by adding something lethal to the punch-bowl. Cue the Horse Space Hoppers ! Take our word for it and back this horse ? the Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game will give your party the edge! Hold onto the Horsey Hoppers rubber gripper for dear life and neighhhh your way to the finish line feeling the whoosh of the winner's flag! And where does that leave your poor opponent? Well, sat on a rubber horse wearing an elastic coloured hat of course. The Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game is as much fun to blow-up as it is to play! Simply stamp on the foot pump and watch as Red and Blue Beauty come to life! The large durable colourful balls slot easily into their horse costumes! Parties are notorious for buffets so strap your feed-bag on and stock up for energy before you race! There's no need to be small and agile to win the Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game ? these hilarious horses will withstand fully grown adults and expand to 60 cm when fully blown! We really can't understand why anyone would pass these up if they're planning an event so clip clop over and purchase the Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game today ? an all-round winner ? no hooves about it! http://www. What's in the Horse Space Hoppers Horse Racing Game box? 1 x Foot Pump 1 x Winners Flag 1 x Whistle 2 x Jockey Caps 2 x Horsey Hopper Covers (Different colours) 2 x Space Hoppers (Different colours) For any additional information on these fantastic Horsey Hoppers please email or call 01926 640710 Regards Katy Young Racing Horsey Hopper specialist!.

Katy Young joined a few months ago and has been writing fabulous articles ever since.

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