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Inventory Billing With Source Code

Inventory Billing Software With Source Code consists of inventory, invoicing and financial reporting features all in one packages one package, and comes with powerful source code that build upon RAD and OOP technology, an ideal system for integration into existing business software. The source code system provides a good foundation for programmer to enhance its' features and function, reduce and minimizing the development cost, time and effort. Some developer may consider open source as their alternative, but I strongly recommend to reconsider such a decision, because open source did come with a price! What open source saved for you, will take back when they need you to open your modified source code as well. I personally think open source as a solution for system integrator, and not in-house company or software company with a good development team. When you distribute the system, you must include a copy of the modified source code, this leave you no competitive advantages, because other can easily share your effort. Inventory Billing software with source code just comes as the perfect replacement for the open source project.

Software vendor can re-brand the product, enhance the inventory tracking and finally integrate into existing business systems easily! Just consider the quality support, powerful RAD coding and advanced technology with SQL stored procedure programming all in one. Developer can easily save thousands of hours researching, developing and debugging the software, why not just get the stable source code and start expanding it for your advantages? Do you still want to create the software from ground up? I think you already have the answer. When selecting a good source code base system, consider 3 rules: Rule #1 - Must be built with RAD tools. Only Rapid application and development tools will ensure lower maintenance cost.

Rule #2 - Must be OOP. No source code that does not use inheritance, polymorphism should be considered, because you will be having a hard time to maintain it! Rule #3 - Must be SQL stored procedure based. Why still use file base technology on database? All processing should be moved to database with stored procedure! By now you should have an idea what type of software can help your project. Minimize the project development cost now, even if the source code cost you 12 months salaries. Copyright 2008 - Cynics Software.

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Find out more information about the Inventory Billing Software With Source Code at Cynics Software, see more information about: Inventory Control Feature.

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