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Send YouTube Videos To Your Friends From Your Cellphone

Did you know that it is now possible for you to send YouTube videos to your friends from your cellphone? This is made possible by brand new software that is now available for anyone to own. This new software was designed to overcome the problem of not being able to use YouTube videos in wider applications than just being able to watch them for free online. Now, you can share YouTube videos without having to just cut and paste the link in an e-mail or something like that. You can send your friends the actual videos, without having to direct them to get online, and you can do it all from your cellphone if you desire! When you send YouTube videos to your friends from your cellphone now, they can use those videos in a wide array of applications, too--and, like you, they can add them to their own personalized library of YouTube and similar online videos for easier storage, retrieval, and organizing.

It makes perfect sense to be able to download YouTube videos to your cellphone and share them instead of being forced to view them online. After all, they're posted for free and shared for free. So there should be no conflict of interest in being able to download them for free. The advertisements that make the website money are still seen by all who go to YouTube to find videos to view or, now, download to their cellphone or even their computer's desktop. The designer of this new proprietary software realized one day that there was no way for anyone to use or share YouTube videos because they couldn't be downloaded. The problem lies in the formatting of the videos.

You see, the videos at YouTube and other similar sites like Video Jug are stored there in what's known as "Flash Video Format" (FLV). They aren't AVI or MPEG files, so you can't do anything with them except upload them and watch them. You can't play them in Media Player, you can't embed them in your PowerPoint presentation, you can't use them on your blog or websites or e-newsletters, and on and on. The new software that's now available converts YouTube videos into formats that CAN be used in these and other applications. But now, you can download YouTube videos to be shared with your friends right from your cellphone.

The new software converts these videos to AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, and 3GP video formats, for easy playback on your iPod, MP3 player, computer, or DVD player. What's more, now you can: extract the soundtrack from the video to an MP3 file; embed the videos in a PowerPoint presentation; and import the videos to your iPod, Zune, Sony PSP, and any other portable media player. This software's benefits are not limited just to YouTube, either. Google Video, Metacafe, Video Jug, MySpaceTV, and other similar sites can now have their freely shared videos downloaded and converted for your use as well. This software is 100% free of any spyware or viruses, and has been certified as such by Softpedia.

com. Check into this software and begin enjoying the new world of being able to send YouTube videos to your friends from your cellphone. They and you can use them for work, education, business, or pleasure. This is a new world of endless possibilities.

To learn more on how you can start sending youtube videos to your friends from your cellphone, Click here

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