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Spyware Removal Software How To Choose The Perfect Tool

Spyware is something that somebody else puts on your computer without your knowledge. Spyware runs in the background of whatever you are working on and collects your personal data such as your email addresses and passwords. It can also collect your credit card and banking details. Many people have their identities stolen in this way, still others are the victims of credit card fraud or have their bank accounts emptied. The minute you realize that your computer has been been bugged with spyware, you need to set about removing it. The number of anti-spyware programmes is increasing but some of them leave things behind in the registry that makes it all too easy for the spyware to be re-activated.

You need to ensure that what ever you do, the spyware removal software that you are using removes every trace of the spyware from your computer. One of the problems with spyware and its effectiveness is that you dont know it is there. This is why it is so difficult to detect and remove. Often, spyware follows on the back of information that you download and presents itself as an Activex control and registers itself in the registry, this means that the computer accepts its presence as legitimate. This affects the registry and the way it works and can result in a complete crash of your computer.

So, how do you know what is the best tool that you can use to protect your computer from spyware? There are plenty of free anti-spyware programs that you can download. The problem with many of these programs is that they do not touch the registry files, which means that the spyware is all too easily reinstated. There are special programs that are designed to clean the registry on your computer but very often these require the help of a specialist. They can clean out the registry and get your computer running more efficiently again.

Dont attempt to delete registry files without either the help of a specialist program or a computer specialist who knows what they are doing. Once you've used a spyware removal program, there are things you can do to protect yourself further. Never click on links in unexpected emails even if they appear to be from a trusted source. If you must investigate further, do not cut and paste but manually type the url into your browser.

Check out website security before you download anything and when you do download, run your spyware check just in case.

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