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Tips For Buying Nintendo Wii Consoles Easily

The Nintendo Wii is hot property these days. You might have expected the excitement to have died down well over a year after its launch. But no, they are still as hard to get as ever. At a retail price of $250, the no frills model of the Nintendo Wii is the least expensive game console available.

But they sell out quickly, so you have to be tenacious and lucky to find one at that price even now. If you have more money than you know what to do with, it is easy to find a Wii at a much higher price. But since you probably don't have enough money to pay inflated prices, these three tips will help you buy a Wii at the more sane retail price.

Monitor websites Research which online shops usually stock Wiis and add them to your favorites. Amazon is almost a must for this list. At least once every day, visit those sites to see if a new shipment has arrived. Check to see if there is a notice or any kind of information on when shipments can be expected. When a shipment comes in, you will want to jump right on it because they will be gone in the blink of an eye. According to rumors, Amazon only took ten minutes to sell an entire shipment not long ago.

Visit Stores Near You Using your phone book, locate the stores in your city that sell game consoles such as the Wii. Go to each one and see if there is a clerk or manager who is friendly enough to give you information on shipment schedules. You could hit the jackpot and be ahead of the game with information on the next shipment. If you are lucky enough to get that golden date, be at the store about two hours prior to opening time so you are one of the first in. Tracker sites and forums Keep your ear to the ground.

Searching for Wiis is now bordering on a national pastime so there are all kinds of tips, tricks and rumors circulating on the internet and on the streets. Keep an eye on tracker sites and forums, but beware of misinformation!.

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