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Virus Software Is Useless

Do you know why people have virus software, well let me tell you, it's not to keep your computer safe, it's to line corporate pockets with your cash, think about it, someone asks you what virus software you use; it's either the product that came with your computer or something you have seen advertised everywhere, so what makes virus software sell so well? 2 things actually:- 1. Companies spending millions a year on advertising. 2. Shops getting a cut for every product they sell. It's a win win situation if you are in the supply chain that is, if you are the end user, oh boy you have a big problem, here's why, you've got a product that you think you own but the truth is you only rent, companies have to get there money back for all the advertising they've spent, lets face it, companies are in the business of making money and they are out to get cash off you! The Scam You go out buy virus software wither they add the price onto the purchase cost of the PC or you buy virus software itself, you bought it, so what's the catch you ask?, well a 1 year later you find you need to buy a license to update the software and every year after that, so why do they not sell virus software as a rental product? You see once you think you have bought the software the company have established a link of trust with you, don't fall for it, what can you do about it?, firstly you need to understand how virus software works, do you know for every virus, virus software manufacturers need to write a fix?, based on this, your software needs to have every fix for every virus written and going to be written, and what's the chance of that, let me tell you, none.

So where does this leave us, well it leaves you in a situation that you need to research all virus software thoroughly before you buy to make sure you get the virus software with the most fixes, here's something you can do, look for reviews on virus products on Google and see what the IT experts recommend, write down a list of products you find. Now for the clever part, virus software companies call the virus fixes "virus definitions", so now you have a list of virus products you need to check with each manufacturer how many viruses there software will protect your computer against. yup and you've guessed it, you buy the software with the most "virus definitions". If you want to see how good a job your virus software is doing try these easy 3 steps:- 1. Open "Windows Task Manager". 2.

Tick "show processes from all users" 3. Enter all the "image Name's" into a search engine to see if the file name is associated with something harmful, if so remove the file.

David Armstrong. Owner of: how to make your computer faster

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